Baird Seed Company

Baird Seed Company was founded in 1933 by J. Ross Baird producing Certified Oat Varieties to local farmers. Soybeans were added in the 1940's and Wheat was added in the late 1960's. Today Baird Seed Co. offers the farming industry both wholesale and retail leading conventional varieties of soybeans, oats, wheat and small seeds. These varieties are not the varieties of yesterday but new releases that will yield as well or better than the major industry seed providers. Additionally, in 2009, Baird Seed Company became a Certified Organic Processor of Oats, Soybeans, and Wheat.

Baird Seed Company is located near Williamsfield, Illinois; we are a 3rd generation company owned by Doug Baird. We are stubborn Scotsmen who are proud of our independence and intend on remaining an independently family owned seed business. That independence has given us the opportunity to give our customers a seed choice that is not tied to a technology fee.'s the start of all life.


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